Quality Inspection Process of LED Work Light

Our quality control system was built strictly in accordance with the clause of ISO9001:2008, a standard quality inspection process consists of 6 steps: Step 1. Incoming material testing, Step 2. Assembled PCB quality inspection, Step 3. Semi-finished light aging test (at least 2 hours), Step 4. Water-proof testing, Step 5. Assembled LED light aging test (at least 2 hours), Step 6. Pre-shipment inspection:

More steps will be added if customer requires, e.g. an anti-vibration test will be conducted if it's required. In addition, some customers requires EMC (Electro-Magnetic-Compatibility) function, a radio-interference test will be conducted when production is completed. 


This strict quality inspection process is implemented without any omission  , it decreased the defective rate to 0.2%