Considerate After-Sales Service

1.How long is the warranty period?

Normally we offer one year (12 months) warranty for our products, this warranty period starts from the first day of receiving goods by customer. We also offer longer warranty period if customer requires, unit price will increase 5% for every additional 6 months of warranty period.


2.How do we offer after-sales service?

(1)Pictures/videos will be required when faulty product is founded, fault phenomena (e.g. water leakage, LED burning, etc.) should be clearly observed from the pictures/videos;

(2)Customer will be requested to smash the lens cover and cut off the power cord, pictures/videos should be provided, from the pictures/video we should see clearly the model number printed on the circuit board;

(3)A replacement (new product) will be offered with shipment of next order;

(4)Faulty product is NOT required to return to us, it can be abandoned.


Remarks: we don’t accept goods return if the product works fine without fault.