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High brightness automotive LED headlamp optical structure design

1 Introduction With the rapid development of the automobile industry and the continuous improvement of the efficiency of LED light, LED car more and more common within the whole car LED car manufacturers almost all European companies, the use of LED exterior lighting aspects, European and Japanese cars into the third brake light LED's figure was more than 80%. Compared to foreign and domestic automotive applications LED to lag a few years, China's LED brake lights and LED lights technology development status and trends in terms of further popularize LED rear brake lights, turn signals and fog began to commercialization, LED auto lamps to the development of personality and artistic direction. LED auto lamps key research direction LED headlamps, which is efficient, high-power, high-reliability LED components, lights and special cooling technology and optical design is the key. In this paper, high-power LED headlamp optical structure design, ASAP Software, headlamp optical model, a single lamp with a combination of multi-light group ray analysis. 2 LED light source by the trial found the LED package with a multi-chip linear optimum as the headlamp light source, because of its similarity and the filament, so we used a single 1 watt LED chip series is packaged in a rectilinear substrate, become an LED. Chip package arranged length of 5.5mm. Encapsulates the LED light source spectral characteristics and radiation maps shown in Figure 1,2.

3 LED headlamp the the optical design 3.1 high beam design difficulties to overcome the existing auto lamps can not be directly light source replacement for the LED light source, high beam and position light together, saving space, but also be able to to meet the needs of the high beam of the light flux, and can achieve higher efficiency. The method is used in the design: the same lamp housing assembly on high beam and position lights, position lights 8 LED, each LED with separate reflector, position lights through reflection and direct light to meet the requirements of the light distribution . The position lamp put high beam LED heat body. High beam light source for multi-chip package power LED, the side shine the light source is totally reflected by the free-form surface reflection, light brought together in order to achieve the requirements of the beam distribution. Figure 3 is a high beam of the mechanical structure of FIG FIG 1 is a framework reflecting surface of the beam 2, 3 is a front position light reflective surface, the position lamp LED 4, 5 beam radiating body 6 is a multi-chip The power LED. China inspirational new energy thesis: high brightness automotive LED headlamp optical structure design [high-speed rail into Ai Yan Jin Li Yulan]