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Retrofit daytime running lights become common practice love "face" more than security

A few days ago, the European Union a piece of paper the introduction of new regulations, requirements from February 7, daytime running lights must be installed within the European Union of all new passenger cars and minivans. "Little possibility of the implementation of the provisions of Nanjing Vehicle Administration official said. Even so, Nanjing many automotive beauty shops still launched a new business to retrofit daytime running lights, a time daytime running lights modification become a common practice.
Many owners do not know daytime running lights dim
Recently, the reporter driving to the central road near a beauty shop car car wash. In the process of waiting, a staff member saw the reporter's car is not installed fog lights, began to sell a new product in store: LED daytime running lights. According to the staff, their daytime running lights is to keep up with the new situation of the European Union, mounted on the front of the body, mainly used vehicle daytime running, as long as the car started, the daytime running lights will automatically open. "Is not primarily used to illuminate the road, but in order to enhance the probability of the car pedestrian, thereby reducing accidents." The staff member said.
It is understood that the staff member claimed daytime running lights, mainly from some time ago the EU introduced a new regulation. New regulatory requirements, starting from February 7, the EU all new passenger cars and minivans must be installed daytime running lights; since August 7, 2012, the EU all types of trucks and buses are must install daytime running lights. Stakeholders told reporters that this provision in the EU for cars with safety point of view to consider. Reporter in Xinjiekou interviewed, the 20 owners, 12 owners do not know what is the use of this thing, put forward the concept of "daytime running lights".
The reporters visited southern Ningxia Auto Parts City, and a number of automotive beauty shops, and Central Road car beauty shop, most of the store has modified the business of the daytime running lights. According to one owner told reporters that since the implementation of the business of the retrofit daytime running lights, one month down almost to retrofit nearly 100 drivers to. The owner said, although they explain to the owners installed daytime running lights for security reasons, but most of the owners care about or to private cars increase the aesthetics of the car look even more dazzling.
It is understood, including the Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Buick Regal and other luxury cars at the factory with the original daytime running lights. Yesterday, the central road this car beauty shop, a modified daytime running lights owners told reporters that he installed this thing in order to save face, looks more on the grade.
No implementation of daytime running lights Nanjing
Since the EU has developed standards, in Nanjing, the possibility of the implementation of the installation of daytime running lights? Nanjing Vehicle Administration, Chen Miao instructor said, dawn, evening, fog, haze weather is prone to accidents, some of the Nordic countries is also based on the particularity of the regional climate to develop appropriate policies, domestic and imported part The factory of the high-end models are also equipped with daytime running lights, It is for security reasons. "At present there is no appropriate legislation and institutional, is unlikely to promote in Nanjing." He said.
Interview with reporters, a car beauty shop owner claimed that the process of this modification daytime running lights is very simple, the fastest half an hour will be able to get, but there will be no risk. Five traffic police brigade Guizai Zhen, deputy chief of many automotive beauty shops modified are in order to meet the needs of individual owners, in fact, modified lights will involve the renovation of part of the circuit, once the substandard quality, easily affect safety, even when there is risk of spontaneous combustion. Therefore, the owner of before the retrofit daytime running lights, it is best to think twice before they act. Nanjing Vehicle Administration Instructor Chen Miao claimed that, once the vehicle is modified to affect the security, and so formed will be detrimental to the vehicle inspection.