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Detailed daytime running lights, more beautiful and more secure

Recently, foreign entry into force of a new requirement for all new EU production of cars and minivans in the future must be installed daytime running lights, have daytime running lights, to enhance road safety. Daytime running lights is very popular in foreign countries has been more common in domestic import car, many consumers do not understand their role. Some countries (such as the United Kingdom, Canada) is affected by weather and all year round, during the day fog, visibility in the city is not high, so car manufacturers developed daytime running lights accessories, then gradually replicated in the various countries, in order to improve the day between the safety of driving. In the domestic market, it is also not aware of the usefulness of this feature, so much so that many people mistakenly believe that daytime running lights is a beautiful embellishment or owners manifestation of personality. Today, let us approached the daytime running lights take a closer look, opened its mysterious veil. Related News: EU to force a new car to install daytime running lights