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LED lights form a new market for car headlights

Car to attract the general public as well as to meet the new regulations to the provisions of these two factors will promote the application of LED lights, especially the growing of external applications.
LED lights will be very fast to use one of the optical components on the car, it can provide in terms of safety and design improvement program. Automotive interior lighting, LED lights market penetration has been a significant growth, and other high-brightness similar products account for a large market share in the following markets: the external the taillights system and headlight system, for example, before lights, low positioning light, turn lights, side lights and daytime lights. This area will become a popular research topic, and the focus will be directly focused on lower prices and improve performance.
    LED lights as early as years ago, cut into the car market, but due to lack of brightness as well as the cost is too high, and therefore has not been widely accepted until 2003 because of the high brightness LED prices, which makes use of LED lights in the taillights growth, in 2004 from the original single lamp light source that is only the brake lights, turn signals or taillights use high brightness LED into a full tail lights with high brightness LED.
    LED applications in the mobile phone market with mobile phone panel backlight and keyboard backlight up to 6 LED industry is bound to enter into a melee, IEK think LED in the use of mobile phones and automotive markets, the phone room to grow next year, and the size of the auto market lower than the mobile phone market, coupled with the LED lights on the unit to use than mobile phones to high, automotive applications could become the next LED star market.
    LED industry in order to survive only to the development of higher brightness blue LED and thus cut into the mobile application other than the market, such as automotive, lighting and LCD backlight, car LED lamp market is emerging products, equipped with the rate is still low, which in third brake lights, LED proportion is only about 4 percent, while only 10% of the taillights part, still have considerable room for growth. 2005 LED lights are expected to use the types of vehicles will be high-priced cars gradually to the development of the Volkswagen car, automotive LED market will grow to $ 5,530,000.
Industry regulations also raised another problem: currently only permitted to use LED front lighting. However, Japan and Europe should follow rather on. Audi has led the use of LED technology, A8 new car, the Audi with of 5 LuxeonLED made headlights, the total light output of 350lm day operation of lamps, the brightness is sufficient, but in low light and high in the light of the application, it can not meet the standard requirements.
    The report argues that the three factors of advanced technology, related policies and regulations, as well as new competitors in the market mutual restraint, will fundamentally affect the market value of the European automotive lighting market. Automotive lighting technological innovation, as soon as security, economic, high-performance automotive lighting products into the market, a number of the new company will immediately participate in market competition, the arena of the industry will be redefined.
The first led lights the Santana 2000 high brake lights, jointly developed by Shanghai Automotive Electronics Engineering Center in Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp Co., Ltd., certified by the Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Company in 2000 and put into production, the annual output 200,000 sets.
    A few years ago, LED lights market expansion is very slow, but after 2002, accelerating trend. Is expected to last two years there will be rapid development, and 1 to 2 lights (rear brake lights, turn signals after) per vehicle front combination lamps, rear set of lights is expected to use the LED light source.